Paul Thomas Anderson makes possibly Radiohead-documentary

American film director and screenwriter, Paul Thomas Anderson, known for films like “Boogie Nights”, “Magnolia”, “Inherent Vice”, “There Will Be Blood” and “Phantom Thread”, makes it possible in the future a documentary about the British alternative rock band Radiohead. That write IndieWire and Vertigo.

Three years ago, director Paul Thomas Anderson in the documentary, “Junun” about the recording process of an album with Radiohead musician Jonny Greenwood and the Israeli poet and musician Shye Ben Tzur. That took place in a 15th century fort on a hill in India. In total played for nearly twenty hindu and moslimmuzikanten on the album, of which a part still performs if the group Junun and now the support act of Radiohead.

Anderson has been working longer together with Greenwood, that the music for “There Will Be Blood”, “The Master”, “Inherent Vice” and “Phantom Thread” wrote. When he Anderson proposed to go on a trip to India, said the director immediately, ‘yes’, without knowing what they were actually doing.

“At first, I tried to guess what Jonny had in mind, but when he me Shyes’ music left to hear, I was still geïnteresseerder. When Shye me movies showed of the brass rehearsed, grew my interest even more. It seemed like a travel brochure which you can not believe you all the things that are really going to see.”

Anderson was inspired by Jonatham Demme’s Talking Heads documentary “Stop Making Sense” and his music video for New order’s “Perfect Kiss”. “That clip proved that all follow if you use the camera on an interesting musician focused. He said something in the sense of pure cinema is someone that plays music,’ and that voice in my head.”

About Radiohead is also a documentary, the subdued “Meeting People is Easy”, and Anderson was asked if he was a slightly more positive tour – or concert film about the band would consider. “Where there is more laughing?” he asked. Greenwood was a long silence and finally said, “I love awkward silences. Who knows.”

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