New single Dina Rodrigues is a great success

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Last week brought Dina Rodrigues with “Dança do Coraçao” a new single from. It was again a production of Patrick Hamilton, who, together with Vincent Pierins wrote the music. A few Brazilian colleagues and friends of the producer provided for the text.

When Dina signed to Pure Entertainment, she was advised to go back to the Portuguese to sing, where her roots are. That switch is worth clearly! The management of Dina Rodrigues to let us know that a lot of radios from Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and even Brazil, “Dança do Coraçao” in their playlist. In Portugal, it reached number even though the national charts.

The only problem for the radiomensen of us is, that almost no one knows how the title correctly it should be pronounced. They meanwhile receive an email with the correct pronunciation, by Dina own voice.

(Nico Vanaken)

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