NATO countries met in Brussels: Trump eye-catcher

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BRUSSELS – The leaders of the 29 NATO countries Wednesday together in Brussels for a two-day summit. Eye-catcher is Donald Trump, who is expected to once again will insist on higher defence spending. When the European allies is a lot of uncertainty about the attitude of the American president.

Donald Trump travels to Brussels.

The first leaders are in the morning expect on the new headquarters. They are to 13.15 hours to be greeted by NATO chief Jens), after which a group photo is taken, followed by the opening ceremony.

The first and most important work session starts at 14.30 hours. The leaders will agree to an acceleration of the military response capability, increase the readiness of the troops and the promotion of a ‘military highway’ through Europe. Two new command centres in the USA and Germany get the green light.

The company moves at night to the European district, where they dine in a museum in the parc du Cinquantenaire. Russia is an important topic of discussion. The ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs have separate werkdiners.

Thursday the summit will continue with meetings with the presidents of the partner countries Georgia and Ukraine. Who are not yet ready to start accession negotiations, but Macedonia will get there in sight.

The final work is about the NATO mission Resolute Support in Afghanistan. The final press conference is scheduled for 12.45 pm.

On behalf of the Netherlands prime minister Rutte and the ministers Block (Foreign Affairs) and Bijleveld (Defence).

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