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MyEtherWallet warns Hola users Hack

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Once again, the well-known Ethereum is and Token Wallet MyEtherWallet due to a security gap in the center. The developers advise all users to use the Browser extension Hola, to move your balance to a new Wallet.

In less than three months MyEtherWallet (MEW) was for the second Time, the victim of a security breach. This time, the Browser extension Hola was hacked, so now action is needed for MyEtherWallet-user. Hola is a free VPN service that enjoys great popularity. For five hours, users this Chrome were exposed to the extension of the security gap.

Due to this vulnerability, the hackers, possible to monitor the activities of MyEtherWallet-users during this period.

The developer of MEW pointed out to your users on Twitter, it is imperative to move the balance of the current Wallet to a new Wallet, should be to access it.

“Urgent! If you have installed the Chrome extension Hola and MyEtherWallet in the last 24 hours, move your balance to a new account!“

MyEtherWallet-users who have not installed this Browser extension, this Hack is unaffected.

IP-address from Russia could be behind this attack

The origin of the Hacks seems to in Russia, located on IP-address, said MEW TechCrunch. In addition, the Wallet operator save neither access to data nor personal data of users.

A statement about how many users are affected, could not be made until the announcement.

Until April, the MEW of a DNS Hijacks fell victim to. This Hack allowed the hackers to direct users to a copy of the site redirect to the Private Keys. As a result, the Hacker was able to capture around 215 Ether.

We advise all MEW users to install the Google-Chrome-extension ether address lookup or MetaMask and, if possible, MyEtherWallet use in conjunction with a Ledger.

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