Monique: ’André will find his peace back’

976b3440c581d425004f4e0a6b8628ee - Monique: ’André will find his peace back’

It is only a week ago that André Hazes has announced tentative to take a break from his work. According to his friend Monique is enjoying the singer now already the fruits of this break.

Monique placed Wednesday an endearing photo of André and their son, when the oldest of the two wide with a smile to his toddler look. Little André claps his hands, while he in astonishment to his dad watching.

“Once there was… The dearest papa that his son every day, a smile on his face brought. Who enjoyed that there is enough time to be together, they can,” writes Monique. “That little by little, resting back only to be found later on to be able to make his son proud. Both as dad and as an artist!”

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