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Mbappé after controversial action: “I’m Sorry, but I’m now in the finals

f300b4c0bc49fc34983405617a404f9c - Mbappé after controversial action: "I'm Sorry, but I'm now in the finals

The French topspits Kylian Mbappé has responded to the severe criticism for his behavior during the match against Belgium.

The 19-year-old talent, let the evil words of themselves slipping. “They may think what they want. If I have offended you, excuse me. But I, I’m in the’ final. Voilà, that’s all,’ said the player from Les Blues. ‘At the end of the match we have all been given. Then you need the results to hold. That is not very pleasant, but it is worth the effort.’

Mbappé recognised that Belgium is the strongest opponent of France was at the world cup. “It was hard. It was a great team, well organized and complete. They have great players.’


The Red Devils were after the contest, not to mention the game of the French national team. So stretched Mbappé in the slotminuten very unsportsmanlike manner time.

In the extra time sought the Red Devils to the final against Les Blues. Against Japan were the final seconds, after all, decisive. And to know that Mbappé. At a throw-in for the Belgians, he takes the ball, threw it klungelig on the floor and dribbled a bit further. Toby Alderwereld and Axel Witsel responded with a push, which the topspits let himself fall. He got a yellow card.

Mbappé is not the only top player that stands out because of unsportsmanlike conduct at this world cup. The Brazilian topspits Neymar was a target of ridicule by his schwalbes.

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