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Maximum fine for Facebook in privacyschandaal Cambridge Analytica

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The socialenetwerksite Facebook should be in the aftermath of the scandal around Cambridge Analytica half a million British pounds (565.000 euros) to pay, according to the British Commission for Wednesday. This is also the maximum fine.

The British data protection authority explains Facebook the fine because the law twice has violated. Not only protected the sensitive data of its users to be inadequate, it was also not transparent about the way in which third parties the data of its users could gather.

‘Facebook has its users, not the protection which it, however, is required by law, ” says Elizabeth Denham, chairman of the British Privacycommisie, against The Guardian. She calls the investigation into the scandal around Cambridge Analytica ” the most important work that its committee until now did’. ‘The fine serves not only to Facebook to punish, but also to change and the confidence in the restoration of democracy.’

However the question is whether Facebook’s fine really will feel like a punishment. In the first quarter of this year, the socialenetwerksite each vijfeneenhalve minute a turnover of 500,000 British pounds.

“We had more to do with the complaints about Cambridge Analytica us all in 2015 had achieved,” says Erin Egan, chief Privacy of Facebook. “We work closely with the Uk’s data protection authority, just as we always have done with authorities in other countries.”

Facebook came in march under fire after The New York Times and The Guardian of light had charged that the consulting firm Cambridge Analytica access had obtained the personal data of tens of millions of facebook users. Their data would be unlawfully employed in the U.s. presidential election of 2016.

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