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Max Verstappen is looking forward to the cooperation with Honda: “This offers opportunities”

70504e2985d1b72be39a3dc3f65bee74 - Max Verstappen is looking forward to the cooperation with Honda: "This offers opportunities"

From next year there will be a Honda engine in the back of the Red Bull of Verstappen, the Dutchman is looking to the future already full of confidence.

Since the hybrids made their entry made in the Formula 1 holt Red Bull a bit behind the facts. Partner Renault camp with lagging behind competitors Mercedes and Ferrari, and the French don’t succeed in to that hole completely to seal.

Over the past years, the cooperation between Red Bull and Renault more and more under pressure, and since the French again as a full constructor at the start, it lost Red Bull status of the factory team.

Next year will be the Austrian formation that status carry, they now, as a partner of Honda. Although the return of the Japanese in the Formula 1 is not uneventful is Verstappen that the new collaboration is crucial for success in the future.

“If you have a fist wants to make against Mercedes and Ferrari then you have fabriekssteun need,” said Verstappen at ‘Motor Sport’. “By their status as a manufacturer, they can be every weekend to do everything possible to prepare. Of course we would like that also can, and from next year it will be with Honda.”

“The team has taken the decision to change and of course they have my opinion asked because it is also about my future. But the team makes the decision and we have long talked about, and a lot of GPS-data is viewed. The cooperation with Honda offers many more options and they want to show the world that they are a good engine to build.”

“Of course we do not know all the fine about what happened in the cooperation between McLaren and Honda, why is the motor not working or the team is not performed. It is good that Honda this year with Toro Rosso can work together and continue to evolve, that would be us next year as well.”

“Currently, we have just that more power is needed, our car is very strong. Probably we have the best car, now we need to wait for the best package,” concluded Verstappen.

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