Lena Dunham happier with a larger size

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Lena Dunham has decided her feminine curves and a few pounds more to accept and to embrace. The 32-year-old actress posted two pictures of herself on Instagram. On the a is to see it in its slimmer period, she writes when live. On the photo next to it is to see them with her current weight and she is in her own words – ’happy and free’.

Lena Dunham

“Left, I weighed 62 kilos and I got the whole day by compliments on how good I looked. I was also on the covers of magazines loaded with articles about diets that work. But I was constantly cold, had headaches, and lived mainly on coffee, painkillers, and small servings of sugar. On the right is my weight 73 kilos and I feel much better and happier. I eat healthy snacks, starters and main courses and is strong thanks to the lifting of dogs and drinks,” said Lena.

The actress confesses that she is her old figure ever miss, but are quickly over as they remember how they felt. “As I type this, I feel the fat on my back under my shoulder blade reels. I sign.”

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