Johnny Depp sued for physical abuse on set

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Johnny Depp has officially file a complaint with his leg for abuse. The actor would be on the film set of “City of Lies” employee Gregg Brooks a few times in the ribs have punched as a result of a quarrel.

The conflict arose when Depp first time his booklet was going out. The 55-year-old hollywood actor did too long about the filming at a certain place and if locatiescout had Brooks him to the order of call.

Brooks did his job, but then got the full layer of Depp. After a few harsh words got the actor about physical violence and got this Brooks twice in the ribs. Bodyguards had to intervene. Brooks had to know after the event that he alcohol was smelled in Depps breath.

The locatiescout was to say that three days after the incident, fired on the set because he did not want to waive his right to Johnny Depp to complain. The film’s director, Brad Furman, qualifies the facts and says that Depp normally, the crew still good deals.

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