Japanese nurse killed patients with a disinfectant

8a40a9a4a0ecd859f423deccbf2817c8 - Japanese nurse killed patients with a disinfectant

In Japan, a former nurse, admitted that two years ago they multiple patients poisoned by a disinfectant, in their infusion to spray. The police assumes that they, as dozens of victims.

Ayumi Kuboki (31), was last weekend arrested on suspicion of the murder in 2016 on an 88-year-old patient of the Oguchi-hospital in Yokohama. Kuboki well-known however, not only the murder, but told the police that she was also responsible for the death of another patient in the same hospital. In both murders, they would the water in the drip of the victims have sprayed.

The police suspect now that they are on that way, at least twenty people to the life brought. Research shows that in 2016 many as 48 patients from the Oguchi-hospital death under suspicious circumstances, and that in three months time. Five of them died even on the same day.

Kuboki made sure to say that her victims eventually died at times when they are not at work. Still, the police are on her track, because there are traces of benzalkonium chloride on her uniform were found, a commonly used disinfectant. The same substance was found in the bodies of the victims.

It is not clear what the motive behind the murders is. According to Japanese media would Kuboki to the police have stated that they are only patients selected who are already terminally ill. She speaks against, and says that several victims not under life-threatening conditions lead.

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