Henk Schiffmacher wins at postal code lottery

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Henk Schiffmacher and his wife Louise are in the prices of cases in the Postcode Lottery. That was Wednesday, to see in a video on the Facebook page of the Postcode Lottery.

Henk Shiffmacher

Gaston Starrreveld if a million award, of which € 500,000 was distributed among four winners. One of them was the Amsterdam tatoeagekoning. “I’ve never been with someone famous had been at a ceremony,” said Gaston at the doorbell at the Schiffmachers at home.

Schiffmacher is engaged in the realisation of a Tattoo Museum, and Gaston came in with a substantial contribution from the envelope. Henk received a cheque of 178.571 euro. Schiffmacher played along with the maximum number of kanjerpunten and five lottery tickets. Louise: “I’m really very happy, because it’s not all been easy.”

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