Gigantic sarcophagus of more than 2000 years old discovered

Alexandria – Archaeologists have discovered near the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria, a massive black sarcophagus found. The discovery of a dense coffin is rare, because tombs of ancient Egypt are often looted.

The mysterious chest is 265 cm long, 185 cm long and 165 cm wide, making it the largest that has ever been in Alexandria is found. The sarcophagus is made of black granite and was five feet below the surface of the land found under a thick layer of mortar.

According To Dr. Ayman Ashmawy means that the tomb is never opened after around 35 Bc was closed. Archaeologists will now try to figure out who and what is in the mysterious. Next to the grave was also alabaster head discovered of the man who may be the owner of the tomb represented.

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