Gary Lineker alongside Chris Evans on the list of earners

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Gary Lineker is the new leader of the list of the best paid employees of the BBC. The former footballer, who today, Match of the Day presents, earns almost 2 million per year. This is apparent from the annual report of the BBC, which is again a list of earners is published.

The 57-year-old Lineker takes the first place over Chris Evans. The Radio 2 dj was last year, still good for around 2.5 million euros, but had to the past year return. Still, Evans is not complaining with an amount of more than 1,8 million euro.

The entire top ten consists of men. In between is also the name of talkshowhost Graham Norton with an income of more than some 690 000 euro. His salary for his Graham Norton Show is not on. That is paid through his production company. Last year it was still around 1.7 million euros.

Winkleman best-paid woman

The best-paid woman is re-presenter Claudia Winkleman, who between 419.000 and 430,000 euros for her work.

The past year was the BBC several times under fire over salaries. For example, a correspondent from protest her job because they are significantly less paid than her male colleagues. The BBC has agreed the pay gap between men and women to want to close.

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