First images of Thai boys in hospital

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There are images released of the Thai boys who, after more than two weeks to be rescued from a cave. They are taken care of in the hospital.

The boys are with masks in a hospital bed and waving to their parents who are behind a window.

According to the doctors are they in a very good mental health. Three of the boys to be treated for slight pneumonia, but they make the further they are all good. All the boys have lost weight and will for at least a week hospital stay. Then follows a week of recovery at home.

Complex rescue operation

Meanwhile, the Thai Navy Seals a new video released of the highly complex rescue operation. So would the guys heavily sedated have been to prevent them in a panic might get in the tight corridors under water were. Then they were attached to two divers who every boy underwater had to accompany. On the dry pieces, they were on a stretcher borne.

From the testimonies it appears that the rescue operation was almost a disaster turned out to be. The last four Thai football players and their coach were on Tuesday but several hours were rescued from the flooded cave where they’ve been for two weeks, forced to stayed, when the central water pump that water out of the cave, stopped, the went. The water level in the caves began again rapidly to rise.

The twelve boys and their coach came on 23 June to be stuck in a cave in Northern Thailand, when they were surprised by the rising water. The first four boys were Sunday from the cave removed, the next four on Monday and the last four and the trainer on Tuesday.

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