England boils over

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MOSCOW – The Red Square in Moscow has turned into one great English circus. The airports make overtime and in England itself, the world cup fever to insane height increased. The idea that The Three Lions over a number of hours guaranteed of a finalist does crazy things with the average Englishman.

The English fans are in large numbers traveled to Moscow.

By the hundreds they run in Moscow by the centre in their Southgate-giletjes. Being one of the suddenly fashionable English coach seems to be also the army of supporters to the eye the netste in decades, the world has gone. No fights, no hooligans and no chaos. It stands in stark contrast with previous world cup’s and european CHAMPIONSHIPS.

The Russian police estimated that about ten thousand fans already in the city, and from the three airports and by train to flow more within. They have thousands of dollars paid to England at the last moment to see it in action. Long dared the bulk not in the direction of Russia.

40.000 pubs on the way to record sales

In England itself crawl tonight 30 million people in front of the tube. All 40.000 English pubs have large screens, hung up, and expect the largest turnover ever. The country appears tonight on the street extinct as captain and top goalscorer Harry Kane aftrapt against the Croats in the semi-finals.

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Both in Moscow and in England it is everywhere the St. George-flag. As a real flag, on the countryside and processed in cornfields, in car factories created with white and red cars and the metro station, Southgate in north London has been renamed ‘Gareth Southgate Tube station’. Roundabouts and pedestrian crossings are all red-and-white-painted.

Sir Geoff Hurst is counting on world cup

Sir Geoff Hurst, the man who England in 1966 for the world championship title shot with a hattrick, is convinced that England make it to the final. ,,The last two world championships were for England a disaster,’ he told British media.

,,I have for this tournament said that we are now world champion. The people thought that I’m not well my head was. But the chance that we’re going to win is huge.’

Theresa May swap the t-shirts

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has the English team from Brussels in consultation with the NATO success desired. ‘Good luck to the team. I have the Croatian prime minister last night met and we have football jerseys exchanged…’

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Coach Southgate this morning, players are still taken to a football field. As usual, performs England on the day of the race a light training to keep the players by Moscow must walk an entire day in the hotel, before nine o’clock tonight (local time) in action.

Southgate said in Moscow: ‘Our country has a lot of disappointments experienced in all those years. The enthusiasm that the fans here in Russia and at home in England, still have for us is really great. Not only because we are in this tournament to perform well. It would be wonderful if we after 52 years earlier to get the world cup.’

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