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Coach Martinez defends swap of Fellaini and does not seem to much to want to change for consolation class

Bondcoach Roberto Martinez was Wednesday, still not really recovered from the defeat against France. In an exclusive interview for the cameras of the VRT commented he is back on his emotional hangover, the deep disillusionment among the players and his controversial change of Marouane Fellaini. And he assured the fans that the Red Devils are still motivated for the consolation class on Saturday, which not too many bills to be expected.


– After the hangover, the sober analysis: there is a guilty, what if Raja was there and will there ever be another chance?

– Specialists about the unprecedented success: “This will continue, with the players, the supporters and around the world. And that is particularly due to Martinez’

“I have an emotional hangover”, well-known Roberto Martinez for the camera of the VRT. “The belief in the group that we are, this world cup could win was surprisingly large, that we discovered really when we the final didn’t make it. The players had given everything and played the game we wanted to play but we lost by one point. That is very frustrating. The players were hugely disappointed in the dressing room they were very down but only at the arrival to the hotel in the early morning was the disappointment that is greatest. Then they realized that just that little bit of luck was missing that you need to have a world cup to win. They realized that they are not eliminated, they just as well could have been…”

“This generation has raised the bar very high and hopefully is a source of inspiration for the new generation. The fans should be proud of these Devils.”

“Fellaini? We wanted to talk a opening search”

After the end, there was just some discussion about the change of Marouane Fellaini, who in the final assault to the side was reached for Yannick Carrasco. While the Belgians a crowbar as Fellaini just could use, and found quite a few analysts.

“First and foremost, it is normal that you are physically what doorzit after 70 heavy minutes, then you have a fresh input is required,” said Martinez. “But mostly it was tactical: Pogba followed Fellaini everywhere, even all the way in the back. With the central defenders Umtiti and is looking forward to the back, the space becomes very small. We wanted, therefore, the field widens and with Carrasco for deeper threat from the flanks worry, one-on-one against a tired back. So had to Hazard a central space. We wanted to be more patient and talk a opening search, instead of to hope on that one center that would fall against a strong French back. Something that is already 70 minutes not worked.”

“They are very motivated for the consolation class”

Saturday follows with the consolation class against England or Croatia one race. But, the ambitious Red Devils there, still motivated?

“Sure, you can be at ease in his. We wanted seven games to play at the world cup and the tournament is now closed tightly. They are motivated, certainly. The are winners: they also want to be the best Belgian team ever, and are ready to perform. We will be on our top notch.”

With a complete B-team to take office as in the group stage against England seems the Spaniard is now not going. “We will in the next 48 hours to see who is fresh. Now, I’m no choices to make certain players have opportunities to give, which they have against England, which had already been given, but to the team any stronger. Whoever plays should be strong and especially mentally fresh, but I have a feeling that the most steutelspelers still fresh sitting. Everyone seems ready, we will in the coming hours to know more.”

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