Chocolates and music for lovers and NATO leaders

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WATERLOO – For the 29, NATO leaders are the topics on their two-day Brussels summit, the heavy stuff, but their partners are treated to chocolates, hats and a concert. For the ladies Trump and Macron, the man of the Luxemburger Xavier Bettel and all the other remainder of the partners is a separate program that twisted together with the wife of the NATO boss Jens) and the girlfriend of the Belgian prime minister Charles Michel as hostesses.

Follow the ups and downs in Brussels through the tweets from our reporter Ruud for the haskell programming language. That are at the bottom of this article.

The partners will be Wednesday afternoon received in Waterloo, just below Brussels, where she is in the Queen Elisabeth college of Music, a classical concert to hear. Also, there is a chocoladeproeverij and a hoedententoonstelling. The famous couturier Edouard Vermeulen of fashion house Natan, where queen Maxima many dress scores, is also present.

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Thursday is a visit to the restored but not yet opened to the public africa museum in Tervuren on the agenda.

The spokesman of prime minister Michel does not want to in advance confirm whether all partners participate. Last year, said Melania Trump a visit to a Belgian tassenmerk. The first lady went instead of tinkering with sick children at a university children’s hospital in Brussels.

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