André Kuipers vlagt parade Elfwegentocht off

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Astronaut and earth ambassador André Kuipers uses on Saturday, July 14 in Drachten, the starting flag for the slotparade of the Elfwegentocht.

André Kuipers

A colourful procession of all kinds of vehicles and vessels is in the parade without the use of fossil fuels from Drachten to Leeuwarden, the Cultural Capital of Europe. Prior to the parade tells André Kuipers to 600 entrepreneurs and invited guests during a ontbijtsymposium how he from space and could see how vulnerable the planet is, and what the biggest threats are.

In november Kuipers three times in the Ziggo Dome with a own show, where he will take the public on a space flight in the future. He wants to pay particular attention to the vulnerability of our planet with deforestation and global warming is under pressure. “I want to show you what the space is for our planet has to offer and expect that the space in the future can be used, for example, the extraction of raw materials,” said the astronaut.

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