American movie studio is going to story of rescue Thai football players to film

The American film studio Pure Flix is the spectacular rescue of the twelve football players and their trainer from a Thai cave film. Reports that the CEO of the company, which is half-time in Thailand lives, in a video message on Twitter.

“The courage and heroism that I’ve seen, is tremendously inspiring, so yes, this is a film for us”, says CEO Michael Scott to the Hollywood Reporter. Pure Flix is a christian movie studio, but according to Scott the film will be among the more mainstream section “Pinnacle Peak” will be issued. “It is not necessary to be a christian film, it should be just a inspiring movie,” says the CEO.

“It is not just a film, it is important that we want to honor the soldier who died,” said Scott, referring to the diver who was killed by a lack of oxygen after he the boys and their trainer of oxygen.

Scott spoke to himself with a 90-odd divers that were involved in the rescue operation, and was using his Thai contacts with family members of the boys speak.

The CEO let know that in the coming weeks screenwriters will be addressed, and that Adam Smith Kaos Entertainment coproducer. The film has a budget of 30 to 60 million dollar feature.

Scott ran between 2008 and 2011, all five films in Thailand, and is planning to make the film about the cave there filming.

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