Allegations of sexual abuse to the address of Luc Besson follow each other

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Two months after the French director Luc Besson was accused of rape by actress Sand Van Roy (“Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”), there are new allegations against him has come to light.

It’s been about (ex-)employees of Besson, including one woman who from 2000 to 2005 was part of his castingteam. The director would have her repeatedly for a blowjob asked, and when she refused, he got up and fingered her.

Another woman was under the false pretence of a second audition by Besson to his hotel room lured where he tried to kiss and touch. They had to own say throw on the ground to escape the room and flee.

Also a bit of Bessons company EuropaCorp would against her by him, kissed and bepoteld. Even when she no said, remained the director, according to her, urging, and were his advances increasingly worse.

The filmmaker has not yet responded to the new allegations, but the statutory rape Of Roy, he has through his lawyer denied. The actress recently went more in detail about her relationship with the “Valerian”-director and said that they, over time, his “personal barbie doll” was.

“He showed interest in my film Olga,” said Roy, “and used that as an excuse to be with me. Once my confidence had won, he began to speak about other girls that he had hurt and how he had avenged. I got the impression that I never would hit when I’m not on his advances went. When I asked him outright, I was indeed just like the others punished and he did me to feel guilty.”

“I dared me to open up to him because he was the incarnation of Winnie the Pooh seems to be,” says Van Roy. “He drinks tea, takes drugs, speaks about his wife and children, loves to cuddle and dresses modest. If you refuse to have sex with him, he makes sure that you are terrible feels, like a kind of superficial piece of garbage, as if you were only rejected because he is not Brad Pitt.”

Besson was ever opdringeriger. “I was his personal barbie doll that he could play dress up and break,” said Van Roy. “Our meetings were becoming increasingly violent in the last few months, after the Weinstein scandal came to light. He does like to dispense and will get a kick out of when he can manipulate and hurt at times that you don’t expect.”

The rape would have taken place on 17 may in the Bristol Hotel. Besson would be Roy with a fierce blow against the back unconscious beaten. A medical report is currently with the police.

Besson is as a director or scenrarioschrijver known for movies like the “Taxi”saga, “Léon”, “Tasks” and “Suburbs 13”.

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