Tusk responds to Trump: ‘Respect your allies, you have there are not a lot of

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On the eve of the Nato summit in Brussels, the leaders of the European Union and Nato a clear message to the American president Donald Trump sent. Tusk went the farthest: “You will have no better ally than the European Union’.

Nato secretary-general Jens), European president Donald Tusk and commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. The three leaders of the Nato and the EU were this afternoon side by side for a joint statement, prior to the summit in Brussels. Within Nato, the European countries are under fire because they spend too little on Defence. That fire comes mainly from the United States and president Donald Trump, who demands that ” Europe accounts begin to pay’. Juncker and Tusk took the time to answer.

Respect for Europe

Tusk went the furthest: ‘the Best of America, respect the allies that you have, because you have there are not so many.” On Twitter he said that ” the US does not have better ally and no better ally than Europe. We give far more on Defence than Russia and China.”

Juncker if the statements of Tusk with figures to substantiate. ‘There is much to do, and that starts here and that we have more going to do. The European defence budget will therefore increase to € 27.5 billion, for the period 2021-2027, ” he said. ‘With the world as it is today, we have our cooperation with Nato is deepening. Our citizens are safer when we work together.’

) Explained that the Nato and the EU will cooperate in various areas. He spoke about maritime security, counter-terrorism, cyber-attacks and hybrid threats. ‘Around the refugees and migratiecrisis we work together, through the roots of them to tackle it in Iraq and Afghanistan.’

Belgium dangles at the back

Or, these intentions Trump more favourable will vote remains to be seen. On Twitter, the Nato boss this morning that the new prospects of the defence spending of the Nato member states today announced. We primarily look to the magical limit of 2 percent of gross domestic product (gdp). Only a few countries, the US head, get that lens. Belgium dangles with 0,91 percent at the back, together with the military dwarf, and Luxembourg. “In 2014, only three countries, 2 percent or more on Defence. This year, we expect that the eight will be’, thus). Yet after the Brexit 80 per cent of the defence spending within Nato be done by non-EU-countries, he gave into it.

He welcomed also the budgetary promises from Juncker. ‘Europe takes more responsibility for its security, that cheering we. But Pesco (the European Defence cooperation, ed.) is no alternative to Nato, the two are complementary.’ Also he expressed that the two organisations are stronger when they work better together. ‘Stronger cooperation between Nato and the EU will make us all stronger.’

As a host, continued to be) polite. He thanked Trump for the debate on Defence spending boost. But he also made clear that the European countries, not just jump like that in Washington prompted. “The European countries increase their expenditure not to be president Trump to satisfy. They do this because it is in their own best interest.’

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