Trump pushes conservative right to the front for Supreme court

75f9c6ee28a6300bcc2d9716f11dbcb8 - Trump pushes conservative right to the front for Supreme court

WASHINGTON – The conservative judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh is by the American president Donald Trump to put forward to the Us Supreme court hearing to take. The White House has his candidacy been announced.

Brett Kavanaugh speaks in front of Trump.

The 53-year-old Kavanaugh the moderate conservative judge Anthony Kennedy to replace. At the end of June, Kennedy (81) announced that he as of 31 July, is departing as a member of the highest court, leaving the post vacant. The appointment by the Senate to be ratified.

His appointment will be the ratio within the nine Supreme court not on its head. Possible to the slide the supreme court further to the right, because Kennedy sometimes liberal could compose on topics such as abortion and gay rights.

Kavanaugh was in 2003 nominated for a place at the Court of Appeal in Washington D. C. Because of allegations that Kavanaugh biased would be was he by the Senate only in 2006 was appointed. Also was Kavanaugh in the 90’s involved in the afzettingszaak against Bill Clinton, then the president was, due to the alleged perjury and obstruction of justice.

,,He is a brilliant lawyer with a clear and effective style of writing, generally regarded as one of the best and sharpest legal minds of our time”, praised Trump after the announcement of his candidate.

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