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Telegram wants to publish to the Blockchain network and crypto-currency

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Telegram, the popular Messaging App, which supports end-to-end encryption, start your own Blockchain platform and your own crypto-currency.

According to the Report by Anton Rozenberg, a former Telegram employees, will be called the new platform “Telegram Open Network” (CLAY) and should be based according to rumors on a newer Version of the block chain technology.

On his Facebook page Rozenberg has published a Video, which, according to him, the Teaser of the platform. TONE will be beneficial for people in a repressive Regime life, because you will be able to send children to easily and safely money via the Messaging App.

“In Iran, and Uzbekistan was established on the basis of sanctions and financial reforms up to now, no international financial system,” says Rozenberg. “On my last visit it was impossible to find a ATM or debit/credit cards. It was everywhere paid to the bar.“

What is the SOUND platform?

SOUND is a fast, scalable, and user-friendly crypto and block chain platform. All telegram users will get a TONE Wallet, which is the Transfer of money within the CLAY network in the time of a Blink, the TONE network is able to process several million transactions per second.

According to the CoinTelegraphs the SOUND Wallet is called “Gram”. The network does not need any large Downloads, or any other Blockchain-wallet to make the daily transactions as simple as possible.

Telegram, with about 180 million active users, and with a value of several billion US dollars, will also serve as the Startpad for the SOUND network, since the Platform does not have to go through the Bootstrap program, which often takes several years.

The Other Telegram in the world of crypto is an incredibly popular Messaging platform, so Paul Durov, Co currencies-Founder:

“Recently, the entire Blockchain, and Krypo Community has switched to Telegram.”

Therefore, the SOUND platform has the potential “to be the next big thing” and the crypto-market shake up. Telegram is for your strong end-to-end encryption, famous of what is guaranteed to the users of the TONE network is secure and encrypted P2P transactions.

By the way: In an Interview with Bloomberg Durvo has stated that the Telegram will never sell, because the privacy of its users to be full:

“Not a time for 20 billion USD I will sell it. This is a life-time guarantee.“

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