Sky against the Karen: “it will not start again?’

Sky against the Karen: "it will not start again?'

What a blessed summer for Karen Damen. The singer has a pretty empty calendar, and she tries to enjoy it. According to some people, her solo career is one big flop, but is that really the case? Not really, because Karen and her debut album was several weeks on the first position of the Ultratop 50 and her concert in the Lotto Arena was still, but that was sold out. How many artists can say that? Ok, Karen Damen this summer at one festival, she has during the summer months, also no own tv program for which they are recording, but that does not have to be negative. Karen knows best, however, what to do, that confirms they this week in the Story. Karen enjoys with her son Sky of an empty zomeragenda and that is in comparison with the last few years one and all luxury. There was not a single summer, which Karen along with her son Sky has been able to enjoy. Always had Karen in a performance or they had meetings and or recordings for a tv program. The pictures of New Neighbors and Camping Karen & James took a lot of time and so saw the Sky the days that he and his mother could spend melting like snow in the sun. “About my plans for July and August I can be brief: nothing”, is she smiling in the Story.”We can go with the family of my sister on a trip to a glamping, say a luxury camping site. For the first time in twenty years, I have a blank calendar. And honestly? That feels very weird. Sometimes I feel even guilty if the weather is good and I just lie to laze in the sun. At the same time, I think it is fast: why should I feel guilty? I must especially take advantage of those free moments.”

For the first time in many years can Sky so enjoy the presence of his mother during the summer holidays and there to enjoy the young man immensely. “He now pastes even more to me. If I had an evening somewhere to go to, he asks immediately: “Mama, you must not go away? It will not start again?’ And then I need him to really reassure that the but once. He misses me if I don’t am with him,” says Karen in the Story.

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