Show Smet trades Qmusic for NRJ

NJC will their zendschema next month proposals and that there are some well-known names among them is clear. After Elias Smekens and Kim Muylaert also Show Stain of Qmusic and Michael Joossens of MNM transition to NJC.

Show Smet has been for several years dj in Q, comes from Mechelen, is a musician/drummer with Bandits énis in addition, the love of Kirsten Goedgezelschap of MNM.
Show:”I am recently graduated, living together with my girlfriend in the small but fine Mechelen, and I can be insanely happy to be catchy pop music. Match made in heaven with NRJ, right?”

Also Michael Joossens is happy that he at NRJ can get to work: “Radio is like a Gin Tonic: ’t is flowing hard through your blood, and you get not enough of. I am proud to start a fresh radioverhaal at NRJ. Let’s do this together! NRJ-Flanders is a brand new racing car that Flanders will be racing – to excessive hitsnelheid – and where I, with much enthusiasm, will drive!”

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