Robbery of jewelry store threatened by family and offender

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Oostakker – The jeweler who is making his case to protect a roofovervaller doodschoot, is threatened by the Moroccan family of the criminal, Hasan L.

The family of the killed criminal, Hasan L. threatens now the jeweler that the robber doodschoot.

There is feared by a vengeance. The police protects the jeweler now, writes het Nieuwsblad.


The 23-year-old Belgian with Moroccan roots fell Saturday, along with another criminal jeweler Moens in Oostakker. The two were armed with a kalashnikov and a pistol.

Owner Filip M. got the kalashnikov against his sleep, and both he, his sister and their 88-year-old father were about the whole body being beaten and kicked.

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“Such violence, I’ve still not often seen,” says their lawyer Walter Van Steenbrugge against the newspaper. “Even the 88-year-old father was not spared. He seemed to be a stroke, but his children could not help him. Let him die, said the robbers, after which they are on the course went with a whole bunch of jewelry.”

When the perpetrators on the flight beat, grabbed the jeweler his weapon and fired at Hasan. The 23-year-old criminal attacked after two kilometres of his moped and died.

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Since then, the hard-working family of entrepreneurs threatened with death by the criminal family of Hasan.

In the meantime, the crying, the friends of the offender in the newspaper tears. “He was a humble and friendly guy, a real sportsman.”

Criminal record

In reality, he already had a substantial criminal record for assault and robbery. A friend of him, Sabri, called the self-defense of the jeweler even ’a cowardly act’. “Had that jeweler really him in the back to shoot? But I condemn the attack of course is not good.”

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