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REACTIONS. Martinez praises his players: “Their setting was great!’

38bfd0df2bb7f499b75e6c08f617b7ff - REACTIONS. Martinez praises his players: "Their setting was great!'

No first world cup final in the history for the Red Devils. France proved too strong. Coach Roberto Martinez was naturally disappointed, but praised at the same time, players are. “I’m proud of them.”

The Spaniard kept his cool when he was the television was talking to. “It was all very narrowly. Of course, we wanted to make that final reach, but it didn’t. The attitude of my players was great, they could not do more than they have done. In football, there is simply one winner and one loser. We can’t blame, we have given everything. I can see my boys nothing to be ashamed of either. That one corner makes the difference, that is sour.’

Saturday to play the Red Devils in the small final in the same St.-Petersburg. With feeling live Martinez to that match? “We still have one race to go. We want this tournament does not leave with a bad feeling, so we are going to do everything to win Saturday. This WK we have with lifted head to leave.’

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