Rapper ’disfigured’ face to mother’s bullying

0076877f777855d19d9a0b95406f5146 - Rapper ’disfigured’ face to mother's bullying

Almost every child goes through a rebellious stage where he or she wants to rebel against his parents, but rapper Post Malone is very much to his mother’s shock…

Post Malone

The 23-year-old rapper has the words ’always’ and ’tired’ on his face tatooed. The decorations are part of a previously placed text above his eye: ’Stay Away’. In an interview with Tim Westwood at the Wireless Festival will Post Malone why he his face still tattooed. “I do everything to my mother over the falls to help. Moreover, I have a face for radio.”

Not only his mother thinks the ’gezichtsversieringen’ ugly, a big part of the fans is also determined not to speak about the ink. “Your picture is to see if you have the word ‘mutilation’ to look up to”, someone writes. “These are really bad tattoos, the next time you can just as well a lot of shit on your face”, responds another.

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