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“Pray for Belgian victory has no meaning’

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The prayer is not to let God folds to our wants. Pray for a victory of the Red Devils against France has therefore no meaning, to conclude a number of priests in a theme-broadcast of Radio Maria. But it can, according to them, players, and supporters will help.

As a result of the semi-final, the christian station Radio Maria, an additional broadcast of the program ‘Rock in the surf ” at the world cup. The focus was on the question of the role prayer can have for the Red Devils and their supporters, and whether prayer actually makes sense, ‘since God is on both sides is accosted’.

Presenter Jos Decock already gave a quick and decisive answer. On the basis of opinions of the religious, he came to the conclusion that ‘the prayer reduced to the result of a football game’ the wrong thing. “God does not choose one party, but is a father who is alert,” he quoted. He also points out that the prayer should focus on the well-being of the one who prays, ” but also the neighbor: a other supporter may not, therefore, suffer from someone for a victory prayers.

“God is not concerned with who wins’

Radio Maria was referring explicitly to the French priest père René-Luc, founder of the religious centre Capmissio in Montpellier. Although that itself is a big soccer is, he does not think ” that God is concerned with who will win’.

Prayer can according to be able to help him deal with the emotions that sport evokes: in the case of loss, you will be very sad, or extremely elated at a victory’. He speaks about ‘the third half’: the period after the contest, where the winner makes time for the losing team.

“Football is sort of religion’

Something went père Mathieu, head of the French department of Radio Maria. He stated in a telephone conversation with Rock in the branding makes it clear: “God does not care about football. However, in the people that are working on’. He points out, even at that football, for some, ‘a kind of religion’ has become, in an environment in which a great deal of money involved. “That God is less like to have’.

Pray for a victory according to père Mathieu ‘no sense’. ‘The prayer is not made to God to bend to our will’. The value of prayer is for athletes, according to him, also help the business perspective, and not selfish.


Although God also, according to père Mathieu not in football interested, the spiritual or a clear vision. According to him, the tonight 3-2 to the Belgians, although after a goal in the prolongations.

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