PayPal through the dust after letter to dead woman

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LONDON – payment Service PayPal has apologized for an “insensitive” letter to a dead woman. The company wrote that Lindsay Durdle the terms of use was violated by death, message the BBC.

Durdle died earlier this year at age 37 from the effects of cancer. Her husband informed PayPal about the death of his wife. Later plopped a letter on the mat in his home in the Uk Bucklebury. The service wrote, inter alia, that the wife’s company is still about £ 3200 was guilty and that possible legal action would follow.

’Bad form letter, or error”

“We have been informed that you are deceased. You are violating this condition 15.4(c) of your agreement with PayPal Credit”, wrote the company. The widower, who is also the BBC stepped in, and got PayPal to hear that there possibly was a human or computerfout or a bad form letter.

The payment service, the spouse of Durdle excuses offered and the outstanding debt cancelled. There is still investigating what went wrong.

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