New season of #hetisingewikkeld

7d607eed4812b09d9aa0e9f7794c04ba - New season of #hetisingewikkeld

We have the latest haven’t seen #hetisingewikkeld. Four confirms that there is a second season of the comic series in the pipeline, with original scenarios. But that is only for 2019. That is in the Mediahuiskranten. For #hetisingewikkeld took Four the mustard in Scandinavia. The first series of the Flemish sitcom was looking after all the inspiration from the Danish format Bedre skilt end aldrig (Splitting Up Together, red.). In our version, we made knowledge with Lien (Ann Miller) and Peter (Ben Segers). A couple with two children, that are gradually apart from each other had grown. Lien took the courageous decision to divorce, and eventually, Peter is down. Yet they wanted the children as much as possible to spare, and they took the remarkable decision to take the one week one of the kids in their house to live, while the other party moved, took in a mini-apartment in the basement. And that was, of course, interesting complications. At Four, they confirm plans for a sequel. “We’re still in the schrijffase of the second season,” says Barbara Solomon of Four. “The scenarios are currently being written by Lenny Van Wesemael, and Geert Verbanck. She also co-authored Lenny’s feature debut Cafe Derby. We met with the Danish writers of Splitting Up Together, but they are not writing the scenarios. The second season is so not a remake, and from Flemish origin.”

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