Miss Netherlands Rahima sitting on a pink cloud

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The new Miss Netherlands Rahima Dirkse is overwhelmed with congratulations. The 24-year-old model from Rotterdam via social media hundreds of comments after her victory, she says on the day after the beauty pageant in the AFAS Circustheater in Scheveningen, where she by her predecessor Nicky Opheij was crowned Miss Nederland 2018.

Rahima Dirkse

“We experienced the final in a daze. We came in godinnenjurken and were in the beginning of the show full of adrenaline. During the night we were calmer, to the galaronde. After the announcement I was on a pink cloud, it was fantastic to have to Miss the Netherlands to be chosen,” says the winner.

Rahima Dirkse had never previously participated in a beauty pageant. She was scouted during an event where they are in the hospitality industry worked. “I had never thought myself to give up for the beauty pageant, I brought it to the attention,” says Rahima, who has no regrets of her participation.

Miss Universe

At the end of this year represents Rahima our country during the next edition of Miss Universe. It is a very exciting moment, where the international competition is organised. Rahima will closely keep in touch with her predecessor, Nicky Opheij, who in november participated in Miss Universe in Las Vegas. “I consider her as a mentor”, says Rahima.

The competition with twelve miss was during the final big. “I felt the competition very much, but we have also said to each other: let’s all do it. We all wanted to win, but not at the expense of each other. Let’s not begrudge.”


The responses have been overwhelming, says Rahima. “My phone is completely detonated by all the congratulations. I am totally embraced by the many sweet messages. On Facebook, there are already more than a hundred. Instagram I dare not to open.”

Rahima is next year, full-time Miss Netherlands. Her study bio-pharmaceutical sciences in Leiden after two years the refrigerator in. Also has a relationship with the bachelor at the moment no time. “I have a relationship with my sherp. Boys are just in the background, but maybe true between the unread comments on Instagram.”

In the Dutch beauty pageant found, in contrast to some other elections, still a bikinironde place. Rahima can find that. “We have set ourselves during the election as a powerful women. That was actually very nice.”

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