Meeting between Trump and Putin is fully in line with Nato policy”

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Jens) thinks that the ‘positive’ is that the American president Donald Trump next week with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin meet. ‘That is fully in line with the Nato policy against Russia.’

Trump and Putin will meet on Monday, July 16th, meet in Helsinki. Some observers had argued that their conversation be a could influence the course of the Nato summit in Brussels. But Jens) said Tuesday that he has no problem.

“The meeting is fully in line with Nato policy, that is aimed at deterrence, but also on dialogue. We do not want a new Cold War and a new arms race, ” says the secretary-general of Nato.

‘Also in a difficult relationship between the west and Russia is important to the dialogue. Perhaps it is precisely then, more importantly, with each other to keep talking, to avoid misunderstandings.’

Journey through Europe

Trump lands a Tuesday night around 21: 00 in Brussels and starts a trip through Europe. After the Nato summit, he will visit the United Kingdom, then, is the meeting with the Russian president.

“To be honest, I think that the meeting with Putin, the easiest of them all. Who would have thought that can think?”, as he explained shortly before his departure to the American media.

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