Keyshia Cole lied about pregnancy

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Last week surprised Keyshia Cole her fans with the good news that she is pregnant with a second child. The singer let now know that it was a joke and they are not at all pregnant.

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole spread the fake news about her pregnancy, because they are tired of is that there is always so much criticism on her body. “I must offer my apologies for what I’ve done. I told you that I was pregnant, but you all need to stop body shaming and not every day to say that I am pregnant. Seriously, it makes me terribly sad!”

For many fans, this comes not as a surprise, they had at the announcement of her so-called pregnancy all by that it is a sarcastic message. Although a lot of followers understanding of her action, there are also a number of women who find that they are too far gone. “I have had a miscarriage, and I’m angry. People have commented on her body, but she had not been allowed to say that she is pregnant. They had them to ignore. Nevertheless, I will pray for her”, responds one of them.

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