Indiana Jones 5 is moved to 2021

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The long-awaited fifth volume in the successful series of Indiana Jones has been moved to 2021. That has producer Disney announced, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The movies around the adventurous archaeologist belong to one of the most iconic film series of the past few decades. All four movies were directed by Steven Spielberg. Indiana Jones is after Han Solo is probably the most famous role that Harrison Ford in his long career has played.

The plans for a fifth are there for years. In 2016, it was Disney, that the rights took over the role of spiritual father, George Lucas, officially announced that in 2019 a fifth film would come. The plot is not yet revealed. Spielberg would make the movie go run after Ready Player One, which earlier this year came out. But the release is now postponed until the summer of 2021.

It is intended that Harrison Ford for the last time the title role will play. The actor is now 75; if the film is actually in 2021 true, Ford almost eighty.

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