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How to earn the Red Devils at the world cup?

4175a48966beccd89404bbbd8df99a87 - How to earn the Red Devils at the world cup?

The nerves are stretched for the semi-final against France tonight, but for the money should the Red Devils do not. Though the earnings still significantly increase if the Belgians continue to win.

Upon qualifying for the final to earn the Red Devils will at least 435.000 euro. If they don’t pick up, will the premium vary between 339.000 euro (in fourth place) and 435.000 euros (third). With a world title to iron them-with some 690 000 euros per player. The Red Devils certainly do not only do for the money, appears from the fact that talents like Hazard, Kompany, De Bruyne and Lukaku at least 250,000 euro per… week. So that’s two weeks of work for those guys.

Because the contract of Roberto Martinez, especially on bonuses is based, can the coach financial is also a excellent thing to do. He has reached the semi-finals already 750,000 earned. If he make it to the final; that amount to at least 1.2 million euros, with profit is that 1.5 million. The French coach Didier Deschamps is still better: he gets a world title 3.5 million euro on his account.

Also the Belgian football deserves the world cup. Fifa divides the world cup in total 647,5 million euros in premiums among the 32 participating countries. As the bond his world cup earnings could increase substantially, to at least less than 18.7 million euros gross as the Red Devils fourth. If the Devils for the final victory, to be located in Moscow, an amount of 32.1 million euro is ready. As losing finalist go the Devils with 23.6 million euro to house. If the third holds the royal belgian football association involves 20.7 million. Please note, these are gross amounts. The heavy expenses, including the premiums of the players, should still be deducted. The pure profit now amounts to between six and eight million euros.

What Roberto Martinez can still earn:

salary: € 950,000/year

loss semi-final: 750,000 euro

to lose final: 1.2 million euro

for profit: 1.5 million euro

What the players can still earn:

salary: 0 euro

loss semi-final: 339.000 euro (fourth) or 435.000 euros (third)

losses in finals: 435.000 euro

with profits: some 690 000 euros

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