Helle Vanderheyden is in 2019 Cinderella

da4813c1604d918f1161e988f107bed6 - Helle Vanderheyden is in 2019 Cinderella

While the Sleeping beauty, the very first tale of Deep Bridge within a few weeks to the Queen elizabeth concert hall of the Antwerp ZOO attracts, makes the production house the successor known. From easter 2019 takes Cinderella and the magic wand. ‘Cinderella’ is a classic and remains of all time, magical, and moving. You will experience the transformation from a shy girl into a dazzling princess with glass slippers, looking for love and happiness. The main role is reserved for Helle Vanderheyden. For Hell is the after Sandy in ‘Grease’ a few years ago, her second leading role in a musical.

Helle graduated from the Fontys School for the Arts, direction of Musical theatre in Tilburg. After her studies she participated in the musicals ‘The Producers’, ‘Domino’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘snow white’. In ‘Grease’ hijacked the role of Sandy road. They played since the 21st season, a student of Martha in the comedyserie ‘De Kotmadam’ on VTM. In ‘Geubels and the Belgians’ she played the wife of Philippe Geubels. The children is the Hell known as princess Iris from the Studio 100-tv-series ‘Prinsessia’.

Helle: “Cinderella is my fourth production for Deep Bridge. I am very happy that I have the confidence to role play, my feet are itching already to get the shoe to fit. Because who says no to a beautiful ball gown, a carriage and a handsome prince?”

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