Guy Verhofstadt on Monday, that most of the ‘extras’earn

The liberal party leader in the European parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, is one of the three Mep’s who are the most secondary activities. That writes Le Soir, based on a study of Transparency International EU

Verhofstadt received in the previous legislature, between 920.000 and 1.42 million euros on top of his gross income of 13,000 euros per month in the European Parliament.

A third of the Meps provides a lucrative sideline. The Belgian Meps is almost two out of three. Extracurricular activities are not prohibited, as long as they are marked. But those that do not, also no penalty.

Risk of conflicts of interest

Transparency International points to the risk of conflicts of interest. So get four of the current mps with money from companies that are officially registered in the lobbyregister of the European Union.

The numbers one and two what ‘extras’are concerned, the Italian Mep Ranato Soru, the director of telecommunications company Tiscali, and Lithuanian Antanas Guoga, who is a professional poker player.

Verhofstadt is a board member at Sofina, and Theodorus III, the ULB fund for spin-offs and start-ups. A part of his income also arises from his lectures.

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