Finally succeeded: rescuers singing after success in Thailand

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BANGKOK – The successful rescue operation of Thai footballers made a deep impression on the volunteers and rescue workers. Tuesday were the last boys and their trainer out of the cave, saved. Despite the death of a diver, rather during the operation, there is a festive mood.

The football team came about two weeks ago stuck in the cave system of Tham Luang, in the north of Thailand. It soon became clear how difficult the rescue operation would be: the long grottengang walked further and further under water by the rain.

Three days worked volunteers, divers and military on the mega-operation. The whole world lived. Now rest euphoria and relief. On the Thai television to see images of reddingwerkers who clap and sing after the happy news:

In the meantime, the boys are well taken care of. While the ministry wanted to ensure a measured meal with exactly the right nutrients, the boys asked for chocolate spread. “We saw no harm in this, and have delivered it”, said the Thai minister of local journalists.

Read below to learn all about the rescue operation:

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