EN’ers injured in crash historic aircraft Aviodrome

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PRETORIA – The Convair 340, a historic aircraft by the Dutch Aviodrome in lelystad is purchased, crashed near the South African Pretoria during a test flight. This is one casualty, reports hulpverleningsdienst ER24. Three Dutch employees of the Aviodrome, technicians, sat in the unit and be injured, as confirmed by a spokeswoman for the theme park.

This device would soon go Away.

Earlier it was reported that, in total, about twenty wounded, though that number is an estimate. Who is the deadly victim is, is not yet known. The nationality of the victim. Over a few days would be the aircraft, with several intermediate stops, to the Netherlands will be flown in Lelystad exhibit.

“From the first reports show that about twenty people are injured suffered”, says hulpverleningsdienst ER24. The injuries could vary from minor to very serious. “Physicians from ER24 and other services, are on site to treat the patients.”

Aviodrome has now responded. “We are incredibly shocked. Our priority now is the safety of all involved. The authorities on the spot are engaged with aid, of course, after extensive research.”

Under the message, expressing many people of their unbelief. “Jeez, what a news. Strength for everyone!”, someone writes. And: “What a very sad news. I wish you lots of strength and we keep our fingers crossed for the people on board!”

Historical unit

Around July 12, would the plane start with the flight from South Africa. Since the Convair is suitable mainly for short and medium distances would be on the way to the Netherlands several stops.

The route was planned from South Africa through Zambia, Uganda, Sudan, Egypt, Croatia and Austria to Lelystad. An experienced crew with Australian pilots of the unit would fly.

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