Emotional farewell letter Ronaldo

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In an emotional farewell letter on the website of Real Madrid begs the separating star player Cristiano Ronaldo and the supporters of The Royal to understand.

Cristiano Ronaldo departs from Madrid to Turin.

“I have the club asked for me to let go. I follow at the moment my feeling. I hope that you me please want to understand.”

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Below you can read the full suicide note of Ronaldo:

“The years when Real Madrid were possibly the happiest of my life. I’m the club and the city very grateful. I can only say thank you for the love and affection that I have felt.

However, this is the time to start a new phase of my life to start. I have the club asked for me to let go. I follow at the moment my feeling. I hope that you me please want to understand.

For the past nine years were great and unique. The past days were exciting, but also very difficult. It is not easy to be Real I let. I’m sure that I will never forget how much I think of my time at this unique club have enjoyed.

I have with great football players on the field stood, and from the bleachers, always the warmth of the audience felt. Together, we have four times the Champions League winner. Moreover, I have thanks to this special club, four Golden Balls and three Golden Shoes able to get.

Real Madrid has conquered my heart. I want to thank everyone, the president, the management, my teammates, the trainers and the medical staff. Thanks to all your efforts is this club so successful.

Also, the fans and Spanish football in general, I would like to thank. During my nine years, I have compared geweledige players stood. They all have my respect.

I have thought a lot and realized that it’s time for a new step. I leave for Madrid, but the shirt, the logo and the Santiago Bernabéu stadium will always have a place in my heart, wherever I am.

Thanks again. And just as I nine years ago, I already said during my presentation: Hala Madrid!”

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