Elon Musk completed to ’help’ Thailand

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BANGKOK – Twitterers sweep the floor with Elon Musk, with a mini-submarine to help the Thai football players to help. Scoring on the backs of suffering children, will judge you.

Musk is currently persona non grata on the internet. The mediabeluste techbaas is online completed because are offered to help with the rescue operation, where the Thai authorities are also not needed.

“It is highly technical, but it does not fit within our mission,” said missiechef Narongsak Osotthanakorn.

Musk has an impressive PR-campaign’ around his submarine was created, writes the BBC. He developed and tested the structure and transported it to the cave, where he was also present, and lurched pride photos to the world.

The ’well-intentioned’ help is Musk on a lot of criticism. “The Musk who tweet about the cool submarine that he manufactures, while people actually in the cave to enter to get children to save. This is all Elon Musk”, someone writes, that tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

“The real heroes are the divers, doctors, Navy Seals, and the volunteers who have food and shelter. Not Elon Musk,” writes another. “I follow throughout the day the Thai operation, and first of all: it’s great. Secondly: I hope the world now understand that Elon Musk is an asshole”, says another.

Meanwhile, Musk is completely geridiculiseerd by pranksters, who argue that Musk also to Russia has gone to help Germany to turn it off. That country is in reality all days off. He is also compared with a supervisor from The Simpsons.

Musk gets to be a little bit of love. “Against anyone who is Elon Musk saying: even if the marketing is, how it can save lives bad? Thank you mr. Musk.”

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