Eline De Munck is again single

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On a professional level, this is Eline De Munck for the wind. But in love wants to it but not succeed. After two years, there is an end to her relationship with Christophe.

“We are no longer a couple”, let The Nova know to the weekly Day of All.

The Nova appeared of actress and presenter to successful businesswoman with her brillenlabel Odette Lunette. In addition, she found private happiness with Christophe, a father of three children. He is in the dj environment known as MC Six.

Recently showed The Munck still suggest that all cake and egg was: “Christophe is the right man in the right place. He soothes me.” And also her role as plusmama seemed to be no stumbling block. Where exactly is present, The Munck is not lost. “It is too early for these details to answer. I need time to the rupture process.”

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