Driver drag Donald Trump for the right to unpaid overtime

8d3cefe11eade68bf258422e80c01a37 - Driver drag Donald Trump for the right to unpaid overtime

The man who twenty-five years, the private chauffeur of Donald Trump, drag the Us president for the court. According to Noel Cintron, his overtime is never paid, it was a must on his health care insurance and he got in fifteen years, only twice loonopslag.

Cintron (59) requires that the Trump Organization is still of 3,300 hours of overtime pay, converted good for about 170.00 euro. ‘Donald Trump and his companies have given me for many years exploited, without even a minimum courtesy to explain, ” writes Cintron in the indictment.

It is not the first time that the property and billionaire for the court is dragged by a former employee who is suing over alleged breach of contract or bad working conditions. Previously started, for some gardeners, and electricians a lawsuit against Trump. Last year obliged a judge, the luxurious golf resort of Trump in the state of Florida for an outstanding account of more than 32,000 dollars for a painting business to pay for it.

‘Cintron was well paid, as the law also prescribes, ” says a spokesman for the Trump Organization to the news agency Bloomberg. “When the facts come up, we expect nothing else than that the court was absolutely right.”


The driver of Trump claims, however, that he is up to 55 hours per week had to work, and every working day from 7 o’clock in the morning. Are brutojaarsalaris increased from 53.500 euros in 2003, while 64,000 euro in 2010, but in exchange for that salary increase, he was obliged to have health care insurance are now free to pay.

“President Trumps harshness and greed evidenced by the fact that he is apparently a billionaire, but his driver for twelve years no storage of significance has given’, writes Cintron.

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