Dog eats bag of Zeeland, Sandra blank, boss says sorry

34f467597a0c211307c5e7936a3ccf39 - Dog eats bag of Zeeland, Sandra blank, boss says sorry

GOES – Zeeland Sandra van Damme looked Wednesday surprised when after a brisk walk through the Poelbos in Goes with a friend returned on their bikes. The Lebanese wraps that afternoon, had purchased, were missing from the bag disappeared. A dog was found to have good done to the snack. The owner felt so guilty that he/she excuses and left – and a note of 5 euro.


“We had first did some grocery shopping and were sitting in our panniers. When, after a few hours of walking got back to the bikes, we saw our wraps half-eaten. I thought, ” what is this? There are no wild beasts in the Poelbos?” The Zeeland women thought at first that a greedy crow had struck. “Or maybe a fox, see you there sometimes.”

“I hope that this new messages can get

But who the schrokop was, became clear when Van Damme a excuusbriefje and a ticket of 5 euro was to be found. “My dog has to be well done to goodies from your bag. I hope that this new shopping”, stood on the piece of paper to be written. Van Damme is happy with the gesture, though it was only the note also have been good. “I had a grin from ear to ear.”

The province hopes that the owner will report it. Van Damme would make him or her like a bunch of flowers to offer as a thank you for the gesture. “Fair enough, right?”

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