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Crypto-1×1: What is Bitcoin and how to accept it?

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Bitcoin is the most popular digital, decentralised currency that is created by cryptographic methods. In a block chain (Blockchain) of transactions stored locally, allowing Bitcoins to ensure different than other real currencies and manipulation of security and constant availability. In contrast to conventional banking there is no Central Processing is required. The conversion rate of Bitcoin to other means of payment (Fiat money) is determined by supply and demand.

Who Satoshi Nakamoto is?

The Pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto is the inventor of the crypto-currency Bitcoin. in November 2008, the Bitcoin Core developed. Which Person or group of persons is hiding behind this Pseudonym, is unknown until today. Since the Emergence in 2008, various people were held for Nakamoto or have claimed the identity.

Bitcoins accept in 3 easy steps

It is very easy to accept, companies Bitcoins. Our guide in three steps to illustrate the process.

    1. Bitcoin Wallet set up

There is the possibility to use an online Wallet, or to install a Wallet for yourself. A list of possible Wallets, you can find here.

     2. Print the QR-Code

To be able to Bitcoins and Bitcoins to accept and pay, have to convert his Bitcoin address in a QR Code. The QR Code contains the Bitcoin address to the customer, the Bitcoins to send.

Mobile payment with QR Code

Here is Code to generate.

        1. Sticker

Probably the easiest Exercise: attach a Sticker that says, “Bitocoins accepted” or “Bitcoins accepted.”

Pay with Bitcoins

So it is just the acceptance of Bitcoin in your business, as well as the pay with Bitcoin. A lot of success with the implementation!

If you found this post useful, then check out how you can pay with litecoins. Would be interesting maybe to see how the response to previous exchanges regulation of the SEC fails.

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