CELEBRITIES living with Belgians

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Known to the Netherlands, lived Tuesday night mass with the Belgians during the semi-finals of the world cup. On social media tried to comedians, actors and presenters from minute to minute positive energy in the direction of the Red Devil to send.

“Red Duivelkes, make you angry?” asked Hadewych Minis via Twitter. “Come on Belgiëeeeeeeeeeeee!!” shared Jochem Myjer with his followers.

Also Claudia de Breij looked at the competition, let them know. “Okay poepies, second half, who wants chips?” Also porn star Kim Holland shared a picture in which the Red Devils welcomes: “all of Holland is proud!”

The decision of the referee to the Belgians, no free-kick to give the lead after an infringement at the attacker Eden Hazard, could also be among the CELEBRITIES count on a lot of disbelief. Only director Martin Koolhoven responded coldly. “I found it otherwise a good decision”, he reported, the world.

After the Belgians had lost to the French, was the pain of the loss even at BN’ers felt. “The best team is out of the tournament”, notes director Eddy Terstall. Also a writer Abdelkader Benali is out of tune. “Not a fan of this France,” he says. “Please England they win. Croatia can also.”

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