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Belgium – France? 7-0 (if the keeper needs to get home)

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Who in history studies, something about the present to learn. What should the Red Devils-remember the 73 international matches that France played?

1 Shows the keeper in time for home (1905)

The second international match against the French, to draw the Red Devils – who was still not wore – and this is a high score. A dry …

1 Shows the keeper in time for home (1905)

The second international match against the French, to draw the Red Devils – who was still not wore – and this is a high score. A dry 7-0 adorned on the scoreboard in the stadium The Ganzenvijver in Uccle. Thanks to the English referee who is an hour late showed up. This brought the French goalie Georges Cozier in trouble: he had, after all, on time, and be back in the barracks where he was stationed. After 65 minutes he left the field to train e. Defender Fernand Canelle replaced him in the goal. He let three balls pass through. Brussels Pierre-Joseph Destrebecq reported for the first hattrick in the history of the Belgian national team.

2 Park the defenders not the back (1948)

The newspapers were full of them, the commentators couldn’t believe their eyes and even Pol Anoul did not know what happened to him. He wrote history and gave the post-war football own hands a bit. The Also could in just about any position from the feet, but started in the friendly international match against France as brazil’s goals. That did not prevent him to be in the 52nd minute the entire field to cross, four players to pass and the ball past the French keeper to prick. Defenders had to defend, not more, but that did Anoul nothing of. He kept the nickname ” the man of Colombes’ on, to the stadium of his wereldgoal. He later opened a café with the same name. The final score: 3-3.

3 Put them in anger ignite (1960)

“We have been framed. We were here in Brussels arrived with the innocent intent to play football and I can you without banter ensure that there is no single Belgian player the name of a footballer earns. In the place of players, we are in a gang gummiknuppelaars impact.’ Just to say: the selectieheer of the French national squad, Alexis Thépot, could not well to the Belgian approach for a friendly international match in 1960, our country’s 1-0 win. André Piters, made the only goal in the Heizelstadion. The Brussels correspondent of the now defunct Newspaper of the North signed yet on how the French captain Raymond Kopa told that the French had lost of the modest dienaartjes of king football.

4 The topspits with sharp shooting (1966)

Normally it is on the 11 november Armistice, but not for Paul Van Himst. Topschutter in the Belgian league, praised in the whole of Europe. During the first race for the qualification of the world Championship in 1968, against the French, in hot pursuit of two. The French get a goal back but Polle Lawn has his job already done. The trick gets nothing. Against the other countries in the kwalificatiecampagne makes France a stronger turn, while Poland Belgium two times a defeat delivers. For the qualification of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in 1976 and defeats of Belgium, the French again with the same score. The captain? Paul Van Himst.

5 Be brilliant (1981)

“Should there be more?’ That screams commentator Rik De Saedeleer once Erwin Vandenbergh was the 2-0 on the scoreboard. The Red Devils are top against the France of Michel Platini. The build-up for the second goal starts with a corner of the French, and the Red Devils quickly in the transition, no time to safely reach the other side and Vandenbergh leather full on his bad foot against it just catapults. The his the golden years, under Guy Thys, who in 1980, his team for the first time a European final does games. With that ‘but extraordinaire’ to qualify the Devils for the world cup in 1982. Will Tura there’s the hit ‘The Red Devils go to Spain’. That championship was a lot less.

6 Fight to the end, à la Wilmots (2002)

Between that victory in 1981 and 2002, to succeed the Red Devils there is not a single time more in order to win, Les Blues. In the uitwuifwedstrijd for the world Championships in 2002, that will change. The Belgians put up a solid defensive block and keep reigning world champion France on a very creditable 1-1. Until Marc Wilmots in the slotminuut with a great bang the victory in the wait a drag. The miracle of Saint-Denis was done, the world champion in his dignity touched. Timmy Simons after the session: ‘We have a good collective performance is achieved. And that was the purpose.’

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