Austrian minister wants no asylum applications in the EU

The Austrian minister of the Interior Herbert Kickl would like to see happen that refugees no asylum application more may submit, within the European Union (EU).

If there is an end to the criminal activities of people smugglers, is it really logical that the asylum application outside the EU is made’, said the minister of the right-wing party FPÖ Tuesday in the Ö1 Morgenjournal.

The existing EU legislation provides, however, that asylum applications outside the EU to be submitted. Asylum is found earlier in the different EU member states applied for. According to a judgment of the European Court of justice to EU countries via their embassies, also not a humanitarian visa for a legal entry to provide. Belgian asylum may, for example, in Belgium only to be applied for.

‘Most vulnerable people’

According to Kickl would asylum, especially in countries search that, in the immediate vicinity of a crisis area. At a later press conference, did he only refugees from the immediate neighbours in the EU asylum might apply for.

For refugees from other countries, it would, according to Kickl more difficult for an asylum application. The FPÖ-politician is of the opinion that both in possible assembly centres outside of Europe as well as in embassies no asylum application may be submitted. Instead, it would committees in refugee camps the most vulnerable people should select. That is not in conflict with international law.

At the EU summit at the end of June, the 28 EU member states, among other things, agreed to go, or reception camps in third countries to an in North Africa offer a solution. From there, it is vulnerable people, in cooperation with the UN refugee organisation UNHCR on EU-countries to be divided.

The Interior ministers of the EU on Thursday in Innsbruck together and will be there to discuss the future migration policy and the protection of the external European borders.

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